We'll Get You OnTrack In 2 to 6 Weeks

You’re suffering from endless bugs, spending too much cash, unable to scale, not getting all the answers you need, or all the above. You need help.

We turn these projects around. First we’ll gather information about your project to assess and create an optimal plan – then we’ll help you retake control by making as needed changes to tech, services, developers and processes to bring everything back under your command.

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Speed up slow development 2-5x

Stop Wasteful

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Reduce costs and save 50-70%

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Finally get back your sanity & mental space


Reach Your End Goal

Why build if you don’t get results? We’ve seen too many projects and even companies burn cash and time and even fail because they didn’t take full ownership of their product, tech, team (employees, contractors, vendors or offshore companies) 100% of the time.

We help you turn everything around and then empower you to manage everything predictably – gain 100% control, move fast, save money and build a quality product all at the same time.

How It Works

1. Gather, Assess & Plan

We could be taking action in just a day or two. To do that and to provide a smooth transition we’ll need a full accounting of where you stand.

We’ll collect and organize budgets, timelines, communication, problems/bug reports, documentation, assets like source code, cloud accounts, passwords and integrations. We’ll also identify items controlled by outside vendors (to reassess if doing so makes sense) – we’ll collect everything.

2. Organize & Take Control

Within 2-6 weeks we’ll directly address, plan for (or mitigate) all issues around tech, scalability, developers or management processes. We’ll help you see results within 2-3 days.

You’ll have a strategic plan and roadmap in place with good momentum and a clear path to follow moving forward.

3. Monitor & Move On

Once we have everything moving in a clear and consistent direction, we’ll monitor everything in detail and continue to make any needed corrections along the way.

We’ll make sure that you have a sustainable system to continue development successfully and predictability on your own.

Time IS Money - Every Day You Wait Is A Dollar AND Day You Waste

Your development cycle is burning time and money.

"... his ability to manage complex organizational relationships under pressure ensured he was a tremendous asset to all involved."

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen for several years. Stephen’s professionalism, technical savvy, and his ability to manage complex organizational relationships under pressure ensured he was a tremendous asset to all involved. We were fortunate to have Stephen as our partner.”

Mark Robinson - CEO / Founder - WorkRazor Technologies Inc.

What To Expect

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Turn It Around In 2-6 Weeks

We’ll figure out exactly where things are working well, and what items can be improved. We’ll take a survey of all the moving pieces to give you the context to make choices to achieve your vision, like simple knobs on a machine.

We’ll make changes in technology, cloud services, management and potentially the team. We’ll handle sensitive situations, employees or outside contractors carefully. If we need to make changes to the team we’ll make sure we first have full control over any and all assets so we mitigate risk during the transition.

You’ll be able to keep costs down (easily 50% or more) and move fast in order to make your project come together with predictability down to the dollar and day – giving you the confidence to move forward affordably and responsibly.

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