We'll Help Kickstart Your Tech Project

You have ideas that will disrupt the marketplace or give you a decisive advantage over the competition. But you need help.

We get these projects done. First we help you define a clear vision and an optimal plan – then we’ll help you pick the best tech, scalable cloud services, developers and systems to support it all.

We’ll help you bring everything to life, on-time, on-budget, with predictably down to the dollar and day.

2-5x Faster


Avoid costly mistakes and take the shortest path to project completion



Run lean, minimize waste; lower risk, pick the right tech



Manage developers and a development cycle with predictability 

Build Faster By Cutting Through The Noise

Building tech is more accessible than ever, but at the same time the number of options and “expert” opinions has increased sharply; making your journey complex. How is it that two companies can move at very different rates, spend vastly different sums of money and also produce totally differently levels of quality?

This often happens because companies make tech choices from a limited point of view and level of experience. Most hired developers push what they know, not necessarily what is best for you.

I’m here to help you make sure you select the right tech, scalable services and developers that help you save, move faster and build quality products.

How It Works

1. Strategic Planning

We’ll maximize your opportunity by mapping your vision and needs plus any limiting factors (such as tech expertise, cash, time or management experience) to get the best results possible.

We’ll exit this phase with a clear roadmap, timeline, budget and a clear understanding of the expected return for your investment. We’ll have a solid plan for what tech is best and the optimal configuration of your team.

2. Getting Started

Next we’ll find the people you need to get everything built. We can help you with job postings or a statement of work for vendors. We’ll help you search, vet, hire and onboard contractors, employees and/or offshore companies who have the right skills and experience for your specific needs.

We’ll help you identify skills gaps and provide a proper growth plan for your team members (and also fill those gaps with contractors).

3. Maintain & Thrive

You’re different, instead of taking your eye off the ball after things get into a groove, you’ll put in systems to maintain the efficient development cycle we put together to ensure long term success.

We’ll make sure that you have a sustainable system that achieves quality with a predictable budget and timeline that has accuracy down to the dollar and day. Giving you the confidence to build responsibly.

Time, Mistakes & Developers Are Expensive

You’re not quite sure of the best path, you could roll the dice or drop me a line if you want to take the cheapest and shortest path.



Avoid dependence on specific people/agencies or certain technology – have room to maneuver.


Avoid pitfalls / Reduce the pain and chance of failure



We have no bias – you’ll get exactly what fits your company best while keeping costs low

"... his ability to manage complex organizational relationships under pressure ensured he was a tremendous asset to all involved."

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen for several years. Stephen’s professionalism, technical savvy, and his ability to manage complex organizational relationships under pressure ensured he was a tremendous asset to all involved. We were fortunate to have Stephen as our partner.”

Mark Robinson - CEO / Founder - WorkRazor Technologies Inc.

What To Expect


Easy to Begin

We’ll be focused on a specific and custom-tailored strategy and execution plan to help you solve the biggest challenges you’ll face when building custom technology:

  • Creating a strategic plan and picking the right technology.
  • Keeping costs down (easily 50% or more) and moving fast.
  • Hiring, vetting and managing developers with the proper management systems to reduce waste and mitigate risk.

We’ll be helping you identify what you need to do in order to make your project come together with predictability down to the dollar and day – giving you the confidence to move forward affordably and responsibly.

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